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AEM UEGO Wideband 4.9 O2 Sensor Kit

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Part Number:AEM 30-4110
We like this wideband because it has a large easy to read digital display, as well as a colored halo around the outside of the gauge that will help catch your eye when the car is rich or lean. It is a full kit complete with the gauge, sensor, mounting hardware, wiring, and instructions. 

Monitoring an engines Air/Fuel Ratio is very important once you start modifying its parts for performance. Horsepower is gained by increasing the amount of air and the amount of fuel that enters the engine per combustion. Adding parts like a Turbo, Supercharger, or even something as simple as an Intake to increase the flow of air into the engine will likely affect your air:fuel ratio. By how much? It would be impossible to tell without a wideband. Whether you are a tuning professional, or a recreational do it yourself'er, play it safe and monitor your air fuel ratio with an aem wideband starting today.

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