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ARP Head Studs L19 93-98 MKIV Supra

On sale: $575.00
Part Number:67

Until now the only way to hold your head down when you are trying to make big power with the 2JZ has been to bore out your head and install 1/2\" special order ARP head studs. We now have a quicker and easier solution for you!

L19 material offered by ARP is the most expensive and strongest material offered in a stud. MVP has ordered STOCK size ARP studs in the L19 material! These will provide over 1000psi MORE clamping force over standard 1/2\" studs and they are a direct swap! If you already have a built motor you could even swap these out one by one and not have to redo the top part of the motor!

This material is special order and VERY expensive. When you consider doing 1/2\" studs you have to machine the head, machine the block, redo the head gasket, buy 1/2\" studs, washers, nuts, and they are a pain to install. And you also have to transport an entire engine somewhere to do it. This solution is much more cost effective and feasibly work better than 1/2\" studs while saving you time and work.

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