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Brembo 14" Big Brake Kit for Nissan 350Z - Front

On sale: $3,069.00
Part Number:3506
This is the same kit as above except it has 14.0\" rotors & Ferrari F50 calipers & stops even better (hard to believe!!).Please note that 18\" wheels are required for you to be able to fit these rotors & calipers underneath your 350Z. Please note that on this kit the rotors a cross-drilled only, not slotted. Brembo does not offer these in slotted or cross-drilled and slotted. They are available only as pictured here.This 2-piece system rotor system weighs in at about half what your stock rotors do, so all you road racers will appreciate this kit for the ~40 pounds it takes off your car. Billet aluminum hats are application specific and have been individually machined to engineering specifications. The copyrighted Brembo design of the rotors & calipers creates what they call a \'\'floating disc\'\' which reduces heat related stress and tremendously improves brake performance and pedal feel.Look at it this way: NASCAR, Indy F1, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, & Nissan can\'t all be wrong!

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