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Brian Crower Camshafts 264 Stage 2 93-98 MKIV Supra

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Part Number:BC-264-2JZ
264 Degree Duration Spec Camshafts 

The engine of choice for the fastest of the Sport Compact drag cars due to the tremendous power potential of Toyota\'s 2JZ-GTE, factory twin turbo engine. It is also used in Drifting with it\'s rear wheel drive setup. The 3.0-liter, inline six cylinder has proven itself to not only be capable of tremendous power output, but to also be extremely reliable. Made from 1994-1998, the 2JZGTE was employed in the Supra Mk IV chassis. The name is a combination of Celica and the word Supra. \"Celica\" is derived from Latin and its literal translation is \"celestial\" or \"from the heavens\". \"Supra\" is a word that is derived from latin that stands for \"over, above, beyond, or greater than\". So a translation to english would be something like \"from above the heavens\" for the entire term.

Street/Strip Specification: 
Plug and play application. Short duration for nice street manners, slight lope at idle. Excellent all purpose spec. OEM springs OK.

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