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Exa-Pump High Performance Electric Oil Scavenge Pump

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Ultra High-Performance Electric Oil Scavenge Pump An Industry First. The TurboWerx Exa-Pumpƒ?› is the ultimate achievement in high-temperature, high-reliability pump technology. This pump was designed from the ground up to handle the most extreme conditions found in any motor vehicle, with a special emphasis on turbocharger oil scavenging applications. Built on extremely rugged spur gear technology, there is simply no other pump that can be compared to this hi-temp, 10,000 hour continuously-rated pump. Aerospace/military-grade quality finally available...and at an affordable price. The specifications tell the story: ƒ?› 350F Fluid Temperature ƒ?› 3 GPM Pump Rate, 60+PSI ƒ?› Hardened Bronze Gear Pump Rotors ƒ?› 10,000 Hour Rated Dual Ball Bearings ƒ?› 10,000 Hour Rated Over-sized Brushes ƒ?› Black Anodized Extruded Aluminum Heatsink ƒ?› Nickel-plated Pump Head ƒ?› Stainless Steel Pump Head Fasteners ƒ?› 3/8\" NPT F Threaded Pump Head Ports ƒ?› -6AN M Nickel-plated Adapters ƒ?› Hi-Temp Wiring ƒ?› Weatherproof Connectors ƒ?› Rubber-isolated Mounting Bracket ƒ?› Low-vibration, Quiet ƒ?› 6.2\" x 4.1\" x 4.1\" size, 6 lbs ƒ?› 12 Volts Nominal ƒ?› 5 Amp Nominal ƒ?› Two-year Warranty Exploring the Details. 350F Fluid Temperature. No other pump comes close. All the materials used in the engineering of this pump were chosen to support extreme duty at extreme temperatures - constantly. 3 GPM Pump Rate. Most other pumps have a specified rating of \"1-2GPM.\" The Exa-Pump\'sƒ?› 3 GPM of open-flow (0-PSI) gives the ability to easily scavenge from any turbo type or configuration, including the full flow twin turbo set-ups. 3 GPM is enough capacity for serious supplemental engine oil and/or transmission/rear-end fluid circulation through external radiators. This is also enough flow for coolant circulation in air-water intercooler systems. And finally, these pumps can generate beyond 60 psi pressure with reduced flow-rates, thus can be used in divorced turbocharger oil supply pump applications as well. Hardened Bronze Gear Pump Rotors. Bronze spur gears create the toughest, most rugged pump head available. Gears are angle cut for quiet operation. All engine manufacturers use either gerotor or spur gears for their oil pump. Exa-Pumpƒ?› uses the same ultra-reliable technology 10,000 Hour Rated Dual Ball Bearings. No other competitor\'s pumps use ultra-precision ball bearings - they all use less expensive 2000-2500 hour ball bearings, or worse yet, 1000 hour bushings. High temperatures drastically reduce these numbers further. This is a fundamental limit on pump life. Exa-Pumpƒ?› uses a dual set of expensive 10,000-hour rated ball bearings. 10,000 Hour Rated Over-sized Brushes. Exa-Pumpƒ?› engineers designed in over-size brushes to increase brush life to beyond 10,000 hours. The competitors have settled on <2000 hour designs. Black Anodized Extruded Aluminum Heatsink. The extruded heatsink is integral to supporting the extended temperature capability. Nickel-plated Pump Head. Nickel-plating serves as a tough, anti-corrosion barrier for the pump head. Stainless Steel Pump Head Fasteners. Grade 12.9, corrosion-proof stainless steel Allen fasteners are used exclusively for the pump head assembly. 3/8\" NPT F Threaded Pump Head Ports. Industry standard port sizes used. -6AN M Nickel-plated Adapters. Standard -6 AN fittings included for convenience. Hi-Temp Wiring. High-temperature rated wiring to support extreme environments. Weatherproof Connectors. Standard GM WeatherPak connectors. Rubber-isolated Mounting Bracket. Exa-pumps?? use a strong steel bracket with rubber isolation mounts with an industry standard footprint for easy upgrading of existing systems. Low-vibration, Quiet. The pump head gears are precision, angle cut. The gears are sized to reduce the motor\'s RPM. This results in much quieter operation, with far less vibration than the competitor\'s. Power Requirement. The pump has a wide operating range of 10-15 Volts DC. All specifications assume a nominal 13.2 Volts. Current requirement is typically 5-6 Amps. Size. The Exa-Pumpƒ?› length is 6.2\" long, with a 4.1\" wide mounting bracket, and 3.85\" diameter motor/heatsink. Mounted height is 4.1\". The Exa-Pumpƒ?› occupies a smaller volume than all the competition. The weight is 6 lbs. 2-Year Warranty. TurboWerx offers a special 2-year extended version of our limited warranty on the parts against defects in materials and workmanship for the Exa-Pumpƒ?› products. Virtually all others do not offer a warranty of any kind, let alone 2 years. A Totally New Standard is Set. Every detail in this pump\'s design has been scrutinized and engineered for performance far exceeding any existing pump. The net result is a pump with 2-3x the performance and 10x the reliability of competitor\'s best offerings. The Exa-Pumpƒ?› is the final statement in turbocharger electric scavenge pump technology. It is simply the best.

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