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GSC S3 Billet Camshafts 2JZ-GTE 93-98 MKIV Supra

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Part Number:GSC-S3

GSC Power-Division Camshafts: 

SP says: 
These are the best cams on the market for the 2JZ!! They are fairly aggressive and offer a decent idle lope. We highly recommend a strong upgraded dual valve spring and retainers such as the Supertech or the GSC Beehive springs/retainers with these cams. 

GSC Power-Division says: 
1000+ HP applications running anything from Methanol, NO2 or 45+psi. Call for more details. This is a serious cam for serious horsepower. 

Requires shimless buckets and cylinder head clearancing 

These cams are not recommended for street use!! 

S3 Specs GSC0-7030S3: 

  • Intake 294 Duration 11.35mm peak lift 
  • Exhaust 294 Duration 11.35mm Peak lift

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