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HKS 3.4L Stroker kit for MKIV Supra

On sale: $9,359.00
Part Number:3705
Due to the current yen/dollar conversion rate and the closure of HKS USA, all HKS product have been subject to price changesComplete HKS 3.4L Stroker kit includses:-Fully counter-balanced stroker crank +8mm-H-beam HKS rods with the new stroke length-Upper nickel-plated forged 87.00mm piston and ringsThis motor is PROVEN to easily make more than 1200+rwhp!!!These HKS parts are lighter and stronger than the OEM parts - the best of both worlds!Here are the comparison weights of the OEM and the HKS:OEM piston - 13.3 oz. eachHKS piston - 12.2 oz. eachOEM piston pin - 4.7 oz. eachHKS piston pin - 3.9 oz. eachOEM Rods - 1lb. 10.7 oz. eachHKS Rod - 1lb. 5.2 oz. eachOEM Crank 59.5 lbs.HKS Crank 52.9 lbs.

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