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HKS Carbon Ti Exhaust 93-98 Supra MKIV

On sale: $825.00
Part Number:2254
Due to the current yen/dollar conversion rate and the closure of HKS USA, all HKS product have been subject to price changesThis is the 95mm (2.95in diameter) piping version of this exhaust. HKS discontinued the 75mm (3.75in diameter) piping version in early 2004.This is a gorgeous exhaust made with 95mm (3.75\" diameter) stainless steel piping, a carbon fiber wrapped muffler, and a 120mm titanium \'Hiper\' tip. There is nothing else on the market today that can compare to this exhaust\'s looks and very few can compete with its build quality.This exhaust is for those who want that race-ready look but not the extremely loud sound. The HKS Carbon-Ti produces a mellow yet menacing smooth exhaust note.

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