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HKS GTII Wastegate

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Part Number:HKS GT2

Due to the current yen/dollar conversion rate and the closure of HKS USA, all HKS product have been subject to price changes 

The HKS GT II wastegate is the second generation of the high-performance HKS wastegates. Available in 50mm and 60mm, its new more compact design continues to offer the V-Band inlet and outlet flanges for high capacity exhaust flow for exceptional boost management.

New GT II wastegate features

* Reduced Weight and Size: 2/3 the weight (1509 grams compared to 2246 grams) and much smaller in height and width than the original GT Wastegate.

* Performance and Function: Identical exhaust flow volume rating, 60mm stainless steel valve and V-band inlet flange as the original GT Wastegate.

* Durability and Construction: Stainless Steel lower housing and Purple anodized aluminum upper housing.

* Flexibility and Versitility: Now available as one part number, The GT II 60mm is adjustable from 0.6 to 2.1 kg/cm2 and the GT II 50mm is adjustable from 0.8 to 2.0 kg/cm2. Each kit comes with with (2) additional springs (2 built-in), to offer (4) different spring settings. Also included are the special tool and upper case design for easy spring changes.

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