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IP Billet Main Caps for 2JZ MKIV 1993-1998 Supra

On sale: $599.00
Part Number:3975
IP Says:\"New 2JZ billet main caps done in collaboration Fast Forward Race Engines, our exclusive partner and one of the best machine shops in the industry, these caps were designed with exacting tolerances with the ultimate goal of making your machinist�??s job easier and thus reducing costly machine shop fees associated with installation of current billet main cap offerings.Caps will require only .010-.015�?� to be removed out of the bore before the block and caps are ready to be honed. The caps also have an OEM-style pry point pre-machined on each side, making for easy removal.Additionally, the center cap has already been machined to accept your thrust washers, and each cap has already been numbered and arrowed to simplify the installation process.\"Needed for 1000HP+ applications

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