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*Picture shows optional anti-surge cover
*Picture shows optional anti-surge cover

Precision 62mm CEA Billet Turbo 6262

Your Price: $1,844.99
Part Number:3633
  • Rating:This turbo is rated at 735HP and has a 62mm compressor and 66mm turbine wheel
  • Compatability:Quick Spool Valve compatible!!! Select the Divided housing option below
  • Waterless Option:Also available in Waterless Dual Ball Bearing. No water lines required!!! Select the DBB option.

Choose Options

Bearing Type help
Journal Bearing
Waterless Dual Ball Bearing [+$700.00]
Cover Type help
E Cover
S Cover [+$80.00]
SP Cover [+$80.00]
Compressor Cover Finish
Exhaust Housing Options
Turbine Housing Heat Coat
Precision Turbo 6262 CEA Billet Compressor Turbo 

This turbo is rated at 705HP and has a 62mm compressor and 62mm turbine wheel 

Available in Waterless Dual Ball Bearing. No water lines required!!! 

**NOW Quick Spool Valve compatible!!! Click the Divided housing option below** 

We are running a pair of Precision 6262 Billet Turbos on our 350z and have hit 1248rwhp on them at 38.5 psi!! 

Compressor Cover Options: 
E Cover 3" inlet 2" outlet 
S Cover 4" inlet 2.5" outlet 
SP Cover same as S Cover with anti-surge porting 

T3, T4, V-Band, and T4 Divided exhaust housing options available. 

Polished compressor cover and ceramic coated exhaust housing for extra shinyness! 
*Picture shows optional anti-surge cover

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