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Precision 6466 CEA GEN2 Waterless DBB Turbo 64mm

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ALL NEW from Precision Turbo!!! 900HP Rating This same turbo made 818whp @ 36psi on Reid&39;s completely STOCK longblock 2JZ Supra during our testing and has the potential to make 900whp while still spooling like a 62mm turbo!! -Only available in Waterless Dual Ball Bearing -Only available with \"SP\" anti-surge compressor housing Precision says:
\"One of our most highly-anticipated turbochargers, the 6466 is capable of producing unparalleled power in a relatively compact package. Combined with Precision\'s exclusive CEA compressor and CEA turbine wheel technology, the 6466 packs is one of the most potent turbochargers available.\"

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