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Precision GT42R 72mm CEA Billet Turbo GT42-7275R CLASS LEGAL

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Precision Turbo GT42-7275R CEA Billet Turbo This turbo is rated at 1050HP and has a 72mm compressor inducer and 75mm turbine exducer wheel. Approved for use in the Sport Compact Front Wheel Drive classes requiring a 72mm compressor wheel limit. Please verify rules to check legality of the turbocharger prior to purchasing. This turbo is used in Chris Miller\' NRG Sport FWD Civic running low 8 second passes and trapping 180+mph in the 1/4mi!! He has since upgraded to the GT45-7280R also available on this page. Appropriately named \"Reid\'s Rod Breaker\" as it will likely be the end of his completely STOCK longblock and stock cams 2JZ Supra currently making high 800whp and running 9 second 1/4mi passes! Keep an eye out for more information on this turbo. **Quick Spool Valve compatible!!! This turbo is perfect for using our spool valve because it has a divided turbine housing** It has GT42 style housings and is Waterless Dual Ball Bearing only (water lines NOT Required!!). GT42 Housing Dimensions: Compressor 5\" inlet, 3\" V-Band outlet Turbine T4 Divided inlet, 4\" V-Band outlet Choose desired turbine housing below.

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