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Precision PW46 46mm Wastegate

Your Price: $379.99
Part Number:PTE-PW46
These units feature a 46mm valve, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. They can be used in any kit or setup that currently utilizes a v-band style 44mm gate, but will work best with the supplied inlet flange (the inside diameter of our flange is slightly larger than our competitors). The wastegates will be shipped with all the necessary hardware (flanges, clamps, springs, etc), and can accommodate a wide range of boost pressures (anywhere from 1.5PSI up to 25.5PSI). All units feature a black, anodized wastegate cap, and a Kevlar reinforced silicone diaphragm. In addition, the unit features a five angle valve job, as well as high temp 17-7 ph springs (more durable and can withstand higher temperatures before changing rate). Lastly, the PW46 is set up for a 1 3/4\" pipe on the discharge side, and a 1 7/8\" pipe on the inlet. 

This wastegate has the same fitment at a Tial 44 but with a larger internal valve. It also comes with all the springs you will need to achieve any desired boost level. No need to buy more springs.

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