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ProEFI Pro48 705 ECU

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Part Number:3741
Pro48 Features & Information Summary Injectors 4 Peak n Hold Coils 8 TPS Yes - Adaptive Coolant Temp Yes Air Temp Yes Map Sensor Yes - Unlimited Range Flex Fuel Yes - requires additional signal conditioning Idle Control Pulse Width and Stepper motor - Adaptive Wideband O2 External driver required 2 channel cabable Cam Yes - Hall/VR capable Crank Yes - Hall/VR capable Variable Cam Yes Nitrous Control 4 Stages. V.E. Based**** Boost Control Multiple control strategies.*** Launch Control Multiple control strategies.*** Fuel Pump Control Yes* Analog Inputs 14* Low Side Outputs 6 6amp capable Low Side outputs* Tach Yes - Software configurable Digital Inputs High Current Bridges 1 Channel set - Used for Stepper motor control Speed Inputs None Drive By Wire Yes Fault Coding Safety Yes** MIL (CEL) Yes - Malfunction indicator with fault codes Main Relay Control Yes 5v Ref 1 location Sensor Grounds 1 location Key Switch Power Yes Permanent Power Yes Battery Backup No Chassis Ground 2 Locations Can Channels 1 Channel Serial Connection No RS485 Connection No Internal Memory Limited to Fault logic USB Direct Connection USB on PC, Can connection at ECU

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