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RPS Stage 2 Clutch W/ Street Disc- 93-98 Supra TT

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The MAX Series of clutches from RPS offers outstanding value and the world class RPS Turbo Clutch pressure plate. 

Formerly known as the Turbo Clutch (TC). It is the original RPS clutch first used in high performance Supras. Designed by Rob Smith of RPS Automotive, it utilizes a factory Toyota disk and the RPS patented pressure plate. This disk is of the full face design and is suitable for stock to 500hp Supras. Drivablility is excellent. Pedal pressure increase of only 18% over stock. BPU proven. 

APPLICATION: 1993-1998 Supra Twin Turbo 

Flywheels: The Supra clutch uses a "viscous-coupled" flywheel which provides shock protection for the transmission as the clutch assembly is NOT a sprung unit. Because of this using aftermarket "solid-lightened" flywheels is NOT recommended. With a solid flywheel all the shock created will be transferred directly to the Getrag (replace only) transmission ($5000). The stock Supra flywheel can be "lightly" surfaced (.002-003"). Otherwise a replacement flywheel is required. Resurfacing of the flywheel below above figures can result in the clutch not disengaging because the tolerances on this unit are so tight.

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