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RPS Stage 3 Clutch with sprug hub 6 puck disc 93-98 SupraTT

On sale: $778.00
Part Number:163
APPLICATION: 1993-1998 Supra Twin TurboThe factory Toyota clutch unlike many manufacturers uses what is called a solid hub clutch disk. A solid hub clutch disk is just that, it is solid with no "shock absorbing" capabilities built in. Many other manufacturers use a clutch hub/disk that has springs built into it to absorb energy. Because Toyota does not use this type of disk they were forced to use find a way to absorb shock and stop it from being transferred to the Getrag transmission. Toyota came up with a novel idea and used what is commonly referred to as a "dual mass" flywheel which has a center floating section that absorbs energy. The problem is that this flywheel weighs alot (34lbs). We have asked clutch manufacturers for years to build a clutch disk that was sprung, so that we could get rid of the heavy Toyota dual-mass flywheel and use a light-weight unit like those offered from Fidanza and Unorthodox Racing. RPS has done just that with the introduction of their Stage III "sprung hub disk" clutch assembly.With this kit you get a RPS pressure plate and a sprung-hub carbon claw disk. Couple this set-up with a lightened flywheel and you have a great overall clutch. One of the best if you ask me.This clutch is a great stock replacement for stock, BPU and Supras up to 700hp! If you enjoy drag racing and high rpm slipped clutch launches then this is a great alternative for you.

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