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SP Quick Spool Valve

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T4 Flange Super HD
T3 Flange Super HD
T6 Flange Super HD
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Car Type Compatability: Toyota Supra, Evo, Corvette, Camaro, Honda, SR20 and KA24 powered 240SX's


Control Options: Using a Standalone? Switching valve only -- NOT using a Standalone? Use a hobbs switch with the switching valve
Part of the Sound Performance Signature Series Product Line. 

We are pleased to bring you a revolutionary product for aftermarket turbo kits! We have created a product that had a 25% increase in rear wheel horsepower, while reducing unwanted turbo lag. It\'s like nitrous but you\'ll never have to fill a bottle again!! 

The Quick Spool Valve is constructed entirely of high-grade 304 Stainless Steel and has a butterfly valve blocking a scroll of the divided turbo housing making the turbo act as if it were a smaller turbo. With the QSV, you can see full potential of your turbo with no sacrifice of peak power!! The size of the butterfly valve was purposely designed to be slightly oversized to prevent any top end RPM restriction. This oversized port of the QSV has been proven at 1400+whp levels with NO RESTRICTION!!! 

Our Quick Spool Valve is available in T3, T4, and even T6 sizes. 

Physical Description: 
The Quick Spool Valve thickness is 3/4" so this is going to require either modification to the exhaust manifold or the downpipe to compensate for the height increase of 3/4". The valve sits between your turbo exhaust housing and the exhaust manifold. We offer our SP turbo kits with the option to be built for QSV fitment. 

Due to the oversized port design of the butterfly valve, minor grinding of your turbine housing and/or manifold may be required for proper articulation of the valve. 

Super HD vs. Original Design: 

We have sold hundreds of Quick Spool Valves to date and have truly put them to the test. However, in recent months there has been concern voiced about extreme conditions such as extended heat or antilag launch control. Ask and you shall receive!! We are pleased to offer the Super HD design of the Quick Spool Valve which is specifically designed for extended abuse. Torture testing will be coming shortly of this completely new blade and shaft design utilizing EDM burn technology for a 100% increase in overall strength and endurance.

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