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SP Racing F1 Turbo Manifold 2JZ-GTE / 2JZ-GE / 1JZ-GTE / 7M-GTE

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SP Racing F1 Manifold 

We are proud to introduce the new SP Racing F1 manifold; part of the all new SP Single Turbo kit for the 93-98 MKIV Supra Turbo. Coming to the close of this 11 month long project, we are proud and excited to present the brand new SP Racing F1 manifold. Loosely based on the original RPS manifold, which was unmistakably known for the distinct exhaust note it produced, the new F1 manifold takes a new perspective on a classic design. Harmoniously balanced, the F1 manifold produces a highly unique smooth sometimes raspy exhaust note that sets it apart from alternatives. This alluring exhaust note is sometimes referred to as sounding similar to an F1 car. In addition to the exotic exhaust note, a number of additional improvements have been implemented into the new design to offer the highest quality product possible at an affordable price. 

Throughout the duration of the F1 project and our research, we have found that the original RPS manifold exhaust note is not always consistent and depends greatly on the rest of the supporting modifications. Cat-back exhaust choice, cam selection, port work, and oversized valves all influence the exhaust profile of a vehicle and can alter the sound produced either slightly or dramatically as a result. We have witnessed the manifold produce both a smooth exotic tone and a rumbly deep tone simply from different supporting mods. It should be noted that your vehicle may not sound exactly as the sample sound clips provided by Sound Performance based on this information.

CLICK HERE for sound clips of the F1 header open downpipe 

CLICK HERE for Project summary thread on SP Racing Forum 

CLICK HERE for Project interest thread on SupraForums 

-Brand New manifold 
-Beautifully hand-crafted undivided collector 
-NO Boost creep with SP twin entry wastegate design 
-QSV Compatible 
-Exotic F1 exhaust note 

-Choice of Satin Black or Hi-Luster Silver, Matte Silver, Turbine, Tungsten, Titanium heat coating. 
-Choice to build manifold with or without Quick Spool Valve compatibility. 

Having a full fabrication department, additional changes to the F1 manifold may be performed upon special request such as twin wastegate design, twin-scroll entry, or other variations. This service is offered by special order only.

NOTE: If using SP downpipe and F1 manifold must modify by-pass pipe to heater core for downpipe to fit properly.

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