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SP "SP400" Stage 3 TH400 for 93-98 Supra

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SP TH400 Stage 3 Transmission 

1300-2000HP Capable!!! 

SP400 Stage 3 includes: 

  • Reverse Pattern TH400

  • ATD Pro Iron Trans Brake (external solenoid)

  • Aluminum Direct High Gear Drum (34 element sprag)

  • Full Super Low Drag bearing package (SLD)

  • 5 sets of thrust bearings (forward and direct)

  • Non-Lockup Torque Converter

  • SP Heavy Duty 3.5\" One-Piece Driveshaft

  • CNC Adapter Plates (bellhousing, trans mount, and driveshaft)

  • B&M Quicksilver Shifter

  • Upgraded Dipstick

  • Electronics for speedometer calibration

  • Bolts kit

  • Torque Converter:

    • SP converter used in our previous 1300+whp Race Supra. Definitely up to the task!!! Excellent on the street or the track.

    • ProTorque 9.5\" Street Converter: Rated at 1000HP with excellent driveability

    • ProTorque Turbo Converter: Specifically designed for turbocharged race cars. The ULTIMATE converter that is unbelievably streetable!!!

  • Main Shaft:

    • Billet Input/Main Shafts for high RPM shift loads (especially 2nd-3rd gear). This raises the power capabilities tremendously!!

  • Drum:

    • Aluminum Drum (34 element) comes standard with this transmission kit. Incredible strong and recommended up to 1000+HP levels

    • Pro Mod Aluminum Drum (36 element) will NEVER break!! Used in Spiro Pappas\' 2000HP drag car, this Drum is the ultimate to be used in race cars.

  • Oil Pans:

    • Standard pan

    • Deep pan (truck style)

    • Deep Aluminum pan (not recommended for very low vehicles)

  • Center Console:

    • Standard look with B&M Shifter

    • Factory 6spd look (includes dash trim piece, 6spd shift knob, and SP modification)

***We will contact you for your stall speed after your purchase*** 

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