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SP Triple Pump Hanger for 350Z & G35 ***DISCONTINUED***

On sale: $599.00
Part Number:3658

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We\\\'d like to introduce our latest product for the 350z & G35 market. As fuel requirments increase when power levels increase we found that there was nothing out there as a solution.We developed this 3 pump hanger with 2 things in mindA. E85 fuel systems usersB. Users pushing serious horsepower (800+)On a side not, this can infact be used as a 2 pump setup while you simply cap off the 3rd port.This piece is machined out of billet aluminum and fits perfectly in the tank. We supply the Venturi siphon fitting with the pump, which allows you to pull fuel from the other side of the fuel tank, making it like stock. It\\\'s been tested and works perfectly. You utilize the factory level sensor and mount it to our hanger.The second picture shows the entire assembly outfitted with 3 pumps, you can purchase this through and option below.

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