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We offer custom tuning on our 2 wheel drive, Mustang Dyno.

One Fuel $750
Flex Fuel $1000
Dyno Pulls 2-3 pulls $150

We offer a variety of tuning services for the following aftermarket standalones:

ProEFI, ECUMaster, AEM, Haltech, Fast XFI, Apexi, Mega Squirt

We specialize in LS tuning via Hp Tuners (2017 and below $100 for license plus, N/A cars $500, Turbo & Supercharged cars are $700) 2018 and up PCM has to be sent in and requires 4 credit $200 + tuning.

To make an appointment for Dyno pulls or tuning, please contact us at [email protected] or 630-893-5002