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Stillen Stage 1 Supcharger Kit for Infiniti G35

On sale: $3,795.00
Part Number:3499
Stillenƒ??s Stage 1 kit produces approximately 50 horsepower to the wheels and upwards of that at the flywheel. This power is delivered in a smooth, linear fashion from idle through redline. We are rating this unit at an average of 349 hp @6000 rpm and 322 ft/lbs at 4200 rpm. The average install time for a stage 1 blower is approximately 10 hours for a certified mechanic with experience in this type of installation. Stillen has worked hard to produce a kit that is state of the art in every way. They have invested in new testing equipment, personnel and tooling. They have produced a kit that is OE level quality or better. The unit requires additional clearance under the hood for the supercharger. They have 5 options to accomplish this. They are as follows: ƒ?› Replacement fiberglass hood. (This is supplied ready for final prep and painting.) Requires truck LTL shipping. ƒ?› Replacement carbon fiber hood. (Requires no painting.) Requires truck LTL shipping. ƒ?› Fiberglass Cowl. Requires a cut out of the stock hood. Supplied ready for prep and painting. Ships by UPS or FedEx. ƒ?› Matte finish carbon fiber cowl. Not as highly prepped or as consistently finished as the Gloss finish unit. Ships by UPS or FedEx. ƒ?› Gloss finish carbon fiber cowl. Adds high gloss finish and cosmetic prep to the Matte finish unit. Ships by UPS or FedEx. Please contact us for further details.

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