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Stoptech Axxis Ultimate Rear Pads 350Z Base Model

On sale: $49.00
Part Number:3212
Axxis ULT Brake Pads, formerly known as Axxis Ultimate, are quickly developing a loyal following in North America because they have one of the highest coefficients of friction of any brake pad available for street use on the market. Anything higher than this is a race pad. Axxis ULT is a reinforced ceramic material which gives you exceptional braking power with little pedal effort and it performs every bit as well at 0?�F as at 900?�F. This is not a low dust or a long life pad (although it is cleaner and will outlast many O.E. brake pads) and it will be more aggressive on your brake rotors than other Axxis pads, but for performance, it is second to none.

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