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Tein Basic Coilover Kit 350Z

On sale: $845.00
Part Number:3238
Tein Basic dampers are an entry level tuned coil-over suspension kit that is a big step above the "sleeve type coilover" kits with performance struts and shocks. Tein Basic Damper is for the driver that is seeking high performance at a reasonable price. Compared to the "sleeve type" coilover, the Basic Damper has an exclusive set up for a better balance of suspension travel and damping force. Tein Type Basic damper system shares the same quality design and manufacturing as the other models in the Tein lineup, but at a reduced price. Spring rates are higher that many kits on the market to reduce body roll, but the characteristics of the included dampers are able to maintain ride quality. Specifically designed shortened dampers are made to operate in the ride height range of this adjustable height suspension. The ride height adjustable systems enables you to set ride height and corner weights for true performance on and off the track. If you want performance at a reasonable price, then the Tein Type Basic Damper Kit is for you.

1 Exclusive design for USA vehicle specifications
2 High Performance and Cost effective
3 Pillow ball mounts are optional (on certain applications)
4 Available for overhaul
5 Ride Height Adjustable
6 New Paint Coating for Rust Prevention
The Damper kit includes:
Height Adjustable Shock Absorber x 4
Main Spring x 4
Lower Spring Seat x 4
Seat Lock x 4
Thrust Washer x 4
Bump Rubber x 4
Dust Cover x 4
Hook Spanner x 2
Instruction Manual

Incompatible with EDFC

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