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Titan Motorsports Carbon Fiber 2JZ Engine Package

On sale: $1,149.00
Part Number:3734
Now Available at Sound Performance!!Buy from SP and SAVE!!!This package contains Titan Motorsports Carbon fiber engine bay accessories.Spark plug cover: This spark plug cover is a perfect fit to the 2JZ-GTE motor. This carbon fiber cover will complement any under-hood color scheme and covers half of the cam gears, leaving the bottoms exposed to show off the gears. The Titan Motorsports carbon fiber spark plug cover is made from the highest quality carbon fiber and is hand laid to ensure top quality and perscise fitmentAir diversion panel: Titan Motorsports introduces their Carbon Fiber Air Diversion Plate for the 93-98 Toyota Supra. This piece is made from the finest quality carbon fiber and is a great addition to any engine bay. Whether you�??re looking for that little extra air flow efficiency or just a cool addition to your engine bay, this product is for you.Fuse box cover: Introducing the Titan Motorsports carbon fiber fuse box cover for the 93-98 Supra. Paired with our spark plug cover and air diversion panel, your engine bay is sure to turn heads.Lower Timing Cover:This great panel makes covers the lower portion below the spark plug cover. Gone are the days of having to use a Carbon plug cover which clashes with the black timing cover below.It should be noted our air diversion panel is made using a different process do to the size of it, and plain weave is not available for this piece. The weave is slightly different but will still compliment the other pieces in this kit.

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