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You Name the Service and We Can Do It

Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

We manufacture everything from flanges to full turbo kits. With 2 state of the art Miller welders and our in house fabricators we can ensure the best quality product only leaves the door. With 15 years of automotive fabrication experience we are always looking for new products to develop. Keep posted on new products released by our fabrication department.
Installation Services

Installation Services

We have 3 dedicated full time technicians that have a wide breathe of experience ranging from domestic applications and import applications. We do simple bolt- ons to full engine builds. Over the years we have performed 100's of full builds for our customers which consists of getting a stock car and turning it into a show/go piece . Our hourly labor rate is $100per hour.
Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning

We offer full tuning services from piggy back computers to full engine management systems. Our in ground Mustang dynamometer is capable of reading up to 1700rwhp. If you'd like to inquire or schedule time for tuning please contact us at 630-893-5002. Our tuning rate is $200 per hour. If you don't need tuning and just want to make power pulls on the dyno feel free to give us a call.

Experienced In:

AEM EMS, ProEFI, BIG STUFF, HP Tuners, MAP ECU, EFI Live, and many more...

Polishing/Heat Coating

Need something polished or heat coated? Send it to us! We offer competitive pricing on all polishing and coating services. Please contact us at the shop to discuss pricing.